So I hadn’t thought about you in 2 years and then out of the blue you come visit me…. In my dream I was fill with all this unresolved anger and lust… Our relationship was all really lust after all… Idk all I know is you woke up this passion inside of me and it’s been roaring ever since… I thank you for waking it up even tho i don’t think you had a clue in what you did to me… And I probably won’t ever hey the chance to tell you… In my dream you were in the drivers seat and I sat in the passenger and started the car when I opened my eyes and glanced back I saw my girlfriend sitting back there and was surprised when I saw you in the drivers seat…. I screamed “get out of my car” scared at what my girlfriend would think if I let you drive…. And then we both got out hid behind some other cars while my car got towed away…. We stared at each other without speaking and I felt at home and so confused… When we broke up I wrote something about you… And sometimes I think on what I wrote and I miss that passion…. While my current girlfriend, I love her and she loves me but it’s not the same as when you and I ruled in our togetherness… We we’re Nowhere near perfect but it felt so epic…. All of this cuz someone told me you asked about me…. -_- I’m scared of what I’d do if I was alone with you… I’ll have Faith that I made you hate me and you’ll never want to see nor speak to me again…. Cuz I know myself and I made myself a promise that I’ll live in Ecstasy the rest of my life…. In my head your ecstasy is bad… Your bad… We were bad for each other… A bad romance… And right now I’m embraced in the good and I want to stay in this way…


I feel like I’m not being honest
I feel like I’m living a lie
But when the words come out of my mouth and I speak to you
I feel like I’ve never been so honest in my whole entire life
I guess I feel like I’m hiding a part of me that when I try to speak of it I feel like your going to think I’m broken and
Sometimes I feel like I am


Breaking news from Paris! The Pont des Arts, famous because of the large amount of love locks which were placed on its fences by thousands of couples… began to collapse due to the high weigh of these love locks.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, as a consequence, ordered the removal of all the love locks. The Pont des Arts will never be the same anymore. An international love symbol has disaspeared…


I don’t understand

I don’t understand why a parent would want to hurt there own child… When you had this precious person you swore to love and take care of them unconditionally as a child then as a adult to support them and let them make mistakes but never to scorn them on who they are… It hurts me to see my love go threw this and I never want to see her hurt by someone who is spouse to be there for her… I want to fix it I want to show her parents how happy I make and I want to thank them for bring this amazing human being into the ugly world I want to tell them that they did a amazing job… But they hate what we are…. I don’t understand… And I don’t know how to fix it


So I’ve been seeing this girl and I love her.. but I’m kinky and I don’t know If she picks up on it.. I only know that she’s always calling me inappropriate lol I find out funny when she calls me that… our love is toxic I feel lost when I’m with her, I feel complete, but at the same time I feel like I need more as in kinky sex

I think I’m

I never wanted to feel this way…
But I’m scared to confront her what if I was in the wrong.. I left her go.. She left and my hart broke… She wanted to go so I left her go… I said I understand… Ugh

It’s really hard to smile right now


One day of not speaking and I feel like my hart is braking….